BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) – Wiki, Facts, Characters, Full Information

Looking for BB Ki Vines biography? What is Bhuvan Bam Age? What are characters played by Bhuvan Bam in BB Ki Vines? What is the net worth of BB Ki vines? How much do Bhuvan Bam Earn from Youtube? How much subscribers do BB Ki Vines have? What is the name of Bhuvan Bam girlfriend? There are many question in mind about BB Ki Vines or Bhuvan Bam or Bencho who made the Indian youtube more interesting than ever. We will answer all your questions about BB ki Vines or Bhuvan Bam and analyse his peer to peer information.

If you are using Youtube as your daily entertainment partner then you definitely came across to this trending youtube giant. He is none other than Bhuvan Bam who runs youtube channel with the name of ‘BB Ki Vines’. Why i am telling this because his all videos goes viral after publishing and you can spot his videos in the top 5 youtube trending videos of the day.

BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) – Wiki, Facts, Characters, Episodes:

BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) - Wiki, Facts, Characters, Episodes, Youtuber

Here we have covered up all the facts and unknown wikis of BB Ki Vines or Bhuvan Bam.

Childhood and Personal Life of Bhuvan Bam :

Bhuvan Bam was born on January 21, 1994 in New Delhi.  He is now 23 year old and 5 feet and 7 inch tall. He is a singer, composer, song writer and stage performer. He started his career as a  singer who performs in bars or family restaurant.

Education of Bhuvan Bam :

Bhuvan Bam or BB Ki Vines completed his high school from Green Fields School, New Delhi and completed his graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, New Delhi, India. Right from his school time he has interest in singing and acting. If you are a die hard fan of Bhuvan Bam then you have surely seen his older videos which was posted randomly and appreciated by his closed one.

Starting of Popular Youtube Channel ‘BB Ki Vines’ :

Bhuvan Bam started his youtube career as a singer with the channel name ‘Bhuvan Bam Official‘ which has more than 1 lakh subscribers on Youtube. You can find his total 28 videos on this channel. He has written many romantic songs by himself.In 2015, Bhuvan started his another youtube channel with the name BB Ki Vines and uploaded his first youtube video with the name ‘The Chakhna Issue’.

According to the reports, Bhuvan Bam started his India’s one of the most popular youtube channel with the name ‘ BB Ki vines’ was an accident. The story was, Bhuvan was testing his first Google Nexus smartphone front camera and in that craze he made a funny video of himself and uploaded it to facebook. His friends trolls him for his funny video and told him to focus on his studies. But Bhuvan not stopped till now and created a Facebook page with the name ‘BB Ki Vines’ and uploaded his video on that FB page. The video goes viral in one of the Pakistan’s University and the video gave him 15K views within a week on that video.

So, when your work reaches peoples and people loves it, this means is that you are going on the right track. He got motivation from that single FB video and then he never stops himself for this. He started making videos over videos and now became India’s one of the top Youtube Celebrity.

While making his videos, his relatives told him to focus on his studies rather than making these videos but his family was so supportive to him that they told if he is happy what he is doing then we are happy too. On that time, many things are going BAN in India which is creating problems to the Indian youth. Bhuvan understands that thing and made a song on that topic and the video goes viral. The Maharashtrian party Shiv Sena seen that video and called him to remove that video. In a mean time, Fox Star Studio seen that video and told Bhuvan to made some other videos. Bhuvan made 4-5 songs but Fox star Studios rejected those videos by taking the name of their fame and they don’t even paid to Bhuvan for those songs.

Earning of Bhuvan Bam or BB ki Vines :

BB ki vines channel was started on Joined Jun 20, 2015. Bhuvan Bam currently has more than 3 million (3,162,013 subscribers) subscribers and  420,092,855 views on his channel as of 28 May 2017. His net worth is 30 lakhs. There are many peoples on the Internet who search for the Youtube Pay Rate and how much youtube pay for 1000 views. Let me tell you that youtube doesn’t pay for the views, it pays for the advertisements you see on a particular video on the Youtube. 

Why BB Ki Vines is so much popular?

BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) - Wiki, Facts, Characters, Episodes, Youtuber

BB Ki Vines is popular because his videos relates so much with the life of common peoples. This similarity is can be also seen with the Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil always relates his life with the common people. The problems he faced in his life, he shared them in the so funny way that become a comedy. Bhuvan Bam is also doing same with the BB Ki vines, he picks up a single topic of a common people and made a video on it with some off language which you can’t tell your family.

BB Ki Vines fame Bhuvan Bam becomes more popular when he appeared in TedX Talk which was held in a IIT, Delhi. He told that, he is nothing but the inner part of yours who shows it on youtube and people loves that instantly.

Bhuvan Bam Video Style = Superwoman:

BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) - Wiki, Facts, Characters, Episodes, Youtuber

While watching youtube video of BB Ki Vines you will realise that his video style is somehow resemble to the videos of ||Superwomen||. Her real name is Lilly Singh who is also a Indian origin girl but made her videos in english. As of now she is one of the most popular youtuber and has much much more name and fame than Bhuvan Bam has. Her channel has more than 11 million subscribers.

First YouTube Video of Bhuvan Bam :

In 2014, Bhuvan Bam uploaded his first video named ‘The Chakhna Issue’ back. It had only received 10-15 views back then but as of now it is one of the most popular youtube video available on Internet. He deleted this video later but it was re-uploaded by his fans again on Youtube and you can watch it again here.

Bhuvan Bam Collaboration With The Viral Fever:

BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) - Wiki, Facts, Characters, Episodes, Youtuber

After the rejection from the Fox Star Studios, Bhuvan Bam was approached by The Viral Fever videos which is a one of the most popular youtube video. The collaboration between these two Youtube sensations made a video  TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors Vs Ghost on invitation from Jeeji of Jeeji Veerji, Screen Patti YouTube channel. This was his first collaboration with other youtube channel. He than appeared in the second episode with a lead role. You can watch that youtube video episode here-  “Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB ki Vines”.

How much popular is BB Ki Vines?

Bhuvan Bam’s youtube channel is mostly popular in the teenage of India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh as these are the countries which follows hindi that is why he is popular in these countries. Not only boys but girls also loves Bhuvan Bam’s Videos.

Love and Hate of Peoples For Bhuvan:

Talking of the love and hates, Bhuvan Bam is loved by the peoples of age 13-18 as his 95% videos has 18+ content. Talking of the age between 30 and above, according to the family level his videos doesn’t get so much love from them. You can find the question and answers over Bhuvan’s abusive language in his channel- Quora.

Fan Following of Bhuvan Bam :

As of Now, Bhuvan Bam has more than 3.6 million fans on his Facebook Page “BB Ki Vines“, 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.1 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel . He also runs a Facebook Page as the “BBMusician” which has 40k+ fans.

India’s First Individual YouTuber To Cross 3 Million Subscribers:

Bhuvan Bam is the only individual Indian youtuber who crossed 3 million subscribers milestone and made himself as a superstar of Youtube. He is now competing with the Carryminati and Technical Guruji. Carryminati has crossed his 1 million subscribers milestone and Technical Guruji is also heading towards the 2 million subscriber mark.

Winner of WebTV Asia Awards 2016 and Hindustan Times Gamechanger Award 2017:

In 2016,Bhuvan has won the Most Popular Channel Award at the WebTV Asia Awards held at Seoul, South Korea. The other nominees for the same was The Viral Fever,  All India Bakchod, East India Comedy and Being Indian.In the year 2015, winner of WebTv Asia Awards from India was The Viral Fever. Previously, Bhuvan has Won the ‘Hindustan Times Gamechanger Award 2017’ alongside Rana Daggubati. Rana Daggubati is a Baahubali 2 fame star and we all knows him.

BB Ki Vines Characters

Bhuvan Bam has created many fictional and interesting characters to weave his stories and acts. All these fictional characters have their own unique personality, accent and style which attracts peoples a lot. Bhuvan Bam aka BB is the protagonist. Bancho or Banchordas Chhatriwala is the closest and dearest friend of the Bhuvan Bam (BB) who commonly repeats the word ‘bancho’ in almost every sentence that he says. One very famous character is Sameer Fuddi who is a cousin of Bancho who speaks in a confusing manner. Sameer converts the word ‘S’ to ‘F’. Another favourite character is Mr. Hola who is the friend of Bhuvan Bam’s father. Other few characters are BB’s mother, Master Ji, Babloo Ji, Mrs. Verma and Dr. Sahgal.

UC Talk- Promotional Video For UCWeb

Bhuvan Bam appeared in a first promotional video of UC Talks which mainly focused on promoting UC News (owned by Alibaba Group). The video goes viral as the Youtube star was cast in the video. Currently, the video got more than 2 million views. In the video, he Bhuvan Bam is challenged to read trending UC News while skydiving from 15k from sea level.

The Bro Court- A Web Series For SAB Group

Bhuvan Bam is playing a lead role for the SAB group in the web series named ‘The Bro Court’.The videos of this web series is published on youtube under the banner of comedy channel ‘Happii-Fi’.

Sneak Peek of Bhuvan Bam-

Most watched Video Papa Makichu
School Green Fields School
College Shaheed Bhagat SIngh College
Nationality Indian
Hometown New Delhi
Net worth Rs. 20 – 40 Lac
Nickname BB or Bam
Profession Music composer, Singer, live performer, Comedian
Age 22 years

So, this is a story and biography of BB or Bhuvan and his total journey to become a successful Youtuber and more than a person. Do share this article with your friends and don’t forget to comment below with your valuable feedback.

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